Home of The American Cream Draft Horse

- Dedication -

This web site, and all the work I have tried to do for the American Cream is because of, and dedicated to, teamsters everywhere. Those people who drove the big horses for farming, industry, and transportation; you are the men and women this web site is dedicated to. Many of you who walked in a previous era, holding the lines with your grandfathers, and great grandfathers, and have taken the time to pass down to another generation the art of the teamster.

If it had not been for teamsters like Ray Drogenson, Everett Metzentine, Mr. Nisely, Lynn Miller, who made available the knowledge of how to work with draft horses, and Fay Pishon, who helped me rescue an abused Percheron mare, and told me about his beloved Creams possibly being extinct, I would never have set out in 1985 to find out if there were any Creams left, or to try to help save them as a give back to our wonderful country. The American Cream Draft Horse is a very important part of our American Farming Heritage and in working to save them from extinction, we are all working to save a piece of our American Farming Heritage. This web site is a thank you to all of you who drive; for keeping the art of the teamster alive for my generation and future generations to come.

With a full heart,  Carol