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- Favorite Links -

This is not a definitive listing of American Cream Draft links.  Should you know of other sites containing quality material on the American Cream Draft or sites that provide a service relevant to the breed then please send their site address (URL) here or to Cream Acres Ranch.  For corrections please send an email here.

Cream Acres Ranch (this site)
Read an article written by Carol

Dave and Carol Pshigoda
Bend, Oregon

Cowboy Horses

Has some American Cream Draft information.  A general purpose horse-related web site.

Article on American Cream Draft breed by
Carol Pshigoda

Good article.  Worth reading.  Contains an introductory history of the American Cream Draft. 

Mischka Farm
PO Box 224
Oregon, Wisconsin  53575
(877) 647-2452

Has books, calendars, videos, posters, postcards, notepaper, gift certificates, horse drawn vehicle info and dozens of new items for draft horses, driving horses, mules.  Free catalog.  Great site.  

Rural Heritage

Rural Heritage is a draft horse related magazine.  First issue I viewed had an article about the American Cream Draft.  Take a look.

Big Sky Leather Works

A harness shop.  Need to outfit your horse in leather?  Look no further.  This is the place.  Definitely worth the time to look around. A great site to visit for all of your equestrian design needs. Cream T-Shirts available.



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