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Dave and Carol Pshigoda
63125 Johnson Ranch Rd
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- Conformation -

So, what does an American Cream Draft Horse look like? The Cream ranges in height form 15-3H to 16-3H. The mares range anywhere from 1500# to 1800# with some stallions tipping the scales at over a ton. They are typified by a rich cream coat, but what sets them apart and makes them somewhat of a genetic anomaly is their pink skin that tans to gray on the muzzle and around the eyes, and their white eyes at birth that turn to varying shades of amber by one year. These horses have always been in the medium to heavy weight draft category with Silver Lace, one of the foundation stallions of the 30's being 16H and 2000#, and King Baveder weighing in at 2100#, also from the 30's. These horses were never a light horse. They have always been draft in size and conformation. They are complimented with white markings. They have white manes and tails, blazes and white socks or feathers. They have a well muscled shoulder, are somewhat short coupled, with a well rounded hindquarter. They are not leggy like the clydesdale, but with their big barrel have the appearance of being close to the ground. Making their point of draft perfect for pulling and field work.Their heads are refined, with a flat or somewhat dished profile, wide set expressive eyes, and smaller refined ears. They are very intelligent and easy mannered. The flash of gait they all seem to display make them a very pretty hitch to watch working in harness. Creams are the only breed of draft to be known for keeping the tail long throughout all of their history.



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